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My name is Elise. This is what I look like. Here are some facts about me. I am an actor, a singer, a dancer, a comedienne, a musician, a friend, a lover of minds, a fiction fanatic, and an ostrich enthusiast. I don't know how much information is typically in a socially acceptable About Me section so If you want to know anything else, ask me!!

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July 22nd
10:29 PM

Adulthood is having the self control to go on craigslist and not impulsively buy an animal. 

Therefor, I am not an adult. 

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July 21st
10:45 PM



Oh my god. 

instant hilarity. 

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does anyone actually pay attention to my blog or am i just kind of here

with 460,000 notes, it appears that people actually pay attention. Hope that answers your question. 

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still in my top 5 favourite videos on the internet. 


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July 20th
9:14 PM

I literally was just like, “welp. better take a shower now," got up and went to the bathroom, started the shower, took off my shirt, stood there for a second, and thought, "nope.” I then turned off the shower, put my shirt back on, and sat my lazy tookus right back on tumblr. 

July 19th
11:08 AM

My little sister and cousin are playing with barbies and I just heard, very loud and dramatically, “Do I look like a person who would play cards???”

I don’t know the context of that line but it made me laugh. 

10:15 AM
"Jesus knew everything Zacchaeus had done and still loved him. It didn’t change Jesus; it changed Zacchaeus."
—  J.S. (via jspark3000)

God’s disposition towards us never changes. His love changes our disposition toward him.

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Lin Beifong.